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      Bag History


The creation of Nani B Designs came from the love of bags and seeking (but not finding) quality, fashionable and affordable bags in the market. I wanted to find current and durable fabrics to create a bag for every use. I've purchased all the popular brands, paid the price and still ended up with a bag that didn't hold up. My sewing room opened with a determination of making something better. The more ideas I saw, the more my creativity sparked to build on creating a better product! Continue to watch our collections as we grow our bag designs. Our designs will grow from feedback of the needs and wants of our fans! Send us your ideas!

      About Our Bags


Our bags are created with durable fashionable fabrics to provide you with your go-to catch all totes and bags that you won't want to leave the house without! All bags are life time guarenteed with normal use. You can return your bag at anytime for repair if something should go wrong!


The Duffle
Embroidery Duffle top/strap
small shopper
small shopper
Large Tote
Medium shopper
      Bag Care


All bags are completely washable! Spot cleaning is recommended for minor spills and spots in order for your bag to keep its best looking firmness. If you need to toss it in the washer for a thorough cleaning, I recommend air drying and spraying with Spray Starch to give it it's stay back!

      How To Store
      Your Bag


When not in use, I would stuff your bag/s with tissue paper to help maintain thier structure!

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